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October 28, 2013

Overclock in a nutshell

1. Going to the UST Grandstand, where the bus was parked

2. Good game/ team building activity headed by Kuya Romel 

3. One of the team building activities - Dan, Jeco, Pat, Gen, David and Tin

4. TomWebbers + Kuya Romel went crazy after a tiring activity

5. *drum roll please* Thanks to Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort, our event venue sponsor. This hotel really looked amazing. It’s not a 4 or 5 star hotel but it was really worth the price and stay. There were 6 rooms and 1 function hall reserved for us. Ops, not included in the photos, the management was so kind that they opened the wave pool just for us!

6. And of course, Overclock wouldn’t be complete without a pageant. So…here are the gorgeous people of TomWeb! It was just a “Fun Pageant” ok? :))

7. The Executive Board of TomasinoWeb and the very amazing head faci, Kuya Romel (left). He’s an alumnus of UST and currently working at Assumption.

8. I owe these pictures to Gen Aguilan. Hehe

9. My favorite people in UST. Too bad that it had to be resized. 

Overclock is an amazing experience for us. Learned so many things about leadership, team work, support, trust etc. 

Had a week of #HangOverclock! 

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Grades Bitterness

October 28, 2013

Grades bitterness on a midnight is quite disturbing. Last Oct.19 was the release of our grades at MyUSTe. I felt neither good nor bad because it was our team building. I felt numb. I never wanted to ruin the remaining time. All I ever thought was that I did good. I didn’t get low grades etc.

But but but. When I got home, reopened my account, checked my grades for the 2nd time, I wanted to cry. I blamed everything on myself for not making it to the Dean’s List. Kept telling myself that being in a Dean’s List is so overrated. I mean, duh, everyone is really aiming for it. Not me. I was never a “Grade Conscious” type of student. But then again, when you’re already in that moment knowing that .5’s just what you needed to make it there, fuck. Did self-evaluation and then found myself, blaming and blaming. 

What if I had no organization? What if I pulled an all-nighter every time we had quizzes/exams? What if I studied really hard? My realizations always come in late.

Ops. I’m just going to make it as motivation (well, as always, that’s what we say). I will try to balance my acads and orgs. Time management and I will follow my schedule strictly.


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January 28, 2013 / 1 ♥

Talking about myself being a Marketing Manager of our org’s major project, I cannot begin to explain my feelings. This has begun October last year and I have been working on it since first week of November.

I am not complaining about my task though it’s eating a fraction of my time. What I am trying to say is some people try to be demanding. Again, I am not talking of my org mates, I am talking of the contact person in-charge. I do not really know what to feel - anger, annoyance etc. They demand of what is impossible to deliver to them.

I know, I know. I am no one to complain but the demands are stressing me out. I am now looking on the brighter sides of things. We will definitely reap once it came successful.

On a different note, we have no classes for today. Happy Feast Day, St. Thomas Aquinas!

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Excuse me to the one who said that on Twitter. No college/faculty is “petiks”. Everyone in the university works really hard, puts a lot of effort to what he or she’s doing. To the one who said that, it seems that “sa AB petiks” merely because of our schedule. Yes, our schedule is only half of a day but the works given to us are not easy. Bear that in your mind, guy on Twitter. I’m sorry, I got annoyed. I think most of ArtLets got offended.

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First college year and 2nd sem is over. I can finally say that my summer has just started officially. Grades has just been released a couple of minutes ago. I was freaking nervous because I didn’t wanna see my Math grade. Literally, my hands were shaking and I was pointing the wrong link at myUste. So anyway, with all the courage, I clicked “grades” and the first thing I looked for was my Math grade. C’moon, I passed Math. I deserve the grade I’ve got in this subject. Since I’m not really good in Math, I have low grade. I hurriedly texted my mom and told her about it. I never knew this thing even before.There was one instance when I was in the second floor of St. Raymund’s Building looking for summer classes schedule. That shows how pessimistic I am.

On the other hand, I’m quite disappointed with what I’ve got. Well, if I just analyze it one by one, I can say, I deserve those grades. But hell, I did everything to get good grades in some of my subjects and still got grades that I do not deserve.

All I wanna do now is to think of the brighter side of things. I know, everything happens for a reason. Teachers/professors give us grades that we deserve. Grades are just merely the reflection of what we do on his/her class. One should always be thankful of what he’s got. Just always remember, view things in different perspective, in a positive side. Maybe the next acad year, we will definitely get grades higher than we expect.

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March 10, 2012

Week in bullet:

As usual, March is the most stressful month for us. We have to meet the deadline of submission - documentary, paper works, powerpoint presentation, interview etc.

  • Right after PE class, Nahum and I gulped on some milk tea.
  • Got annoyed with my battery life. Went to Greenhills alone to have it checked. And I got back to our dorm at around 7pm.
  • Traffic will always be a pet-peeve.
  • Made a 15 slide presentation for LM. We interviewed Toyota Quezon Ave. HR manager and her assistants. Well, this is gonna be our world. Lol
  • Had a midnight snack with Tita last March 7 before she left for Europe.
  • Woke up early at 6am (was about to wake up at 7) since I had to say goodbye and the likes.
  • I was so annoyed with the library-mgmt itself. I really didn’t get the point of not allowing students to borrow books from the LIB during finals. Good thing, Kuya Jay was there and he borrowed a book from Sir Baron - former dean of AB. Correct me if I’m wrong. Hehe
  • Went straight to Forbes Place to make our documentary. Translate, put subtitles and so on.
  • Have read “Batong Bahay” by Sir Clarence Batan. It’s good to know that he’s from our place. Proud Rizaleno here! Hehe. For the record, he’s a sociology professor in AB. He’s my Tita’s friend.
  • Had my 9360 updated to its latest software. Battery life has expanded. TYL!

Not in the mood to write everything in paragraph. Hehe. So anyway, I’ve been so very busy these days. Usually, I go back to our dorm right after class which is at 1pm everyday. But unfortunately, I always got at around 4 pm because of the meetings, shooting, practices, interview. Hayy, I can’t wait for this month to end.

Fortunately, we still have a week for our regular classes and week after this is our finals. Good luck to each and everyone of us! Love.

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